Hunter Owens

About Me

Hi, I'm Hunter.

I do data science for the City of Los Angeles. Prior to that, I worked at Impact Lab, KIPP NJ, the Center for Data Science and Public Policy, and Obama for America. I spend a lot of time thinking about urbanism, data pipelines and tacos. Let's talk.

Below are some selected projects of mine. I also write about food. That persona lives at Tacos & Coffe.

Selected Projects


An open software project designed around replacing some of the tooling for extracting and analyzing school data. More to come!

(With KIPP NJ) Did data-driven overview of the college applications process for KIPP NJ students, and then implemented suggestions into webapp for students and teachers. Helped prepare reports on college peristence and application data.

Census Communities USA

A project with the US Census Bureau to provide an API for a variety of longitudinal employment datasets that the census hosts. Where we Work, a demo application, has been released.


A plain english guide to working for the City of Los Angeles. Built at Hack for LA. Open Source.

Rutgers Ready

Pitched, Developed and managed first ever student data portal for KIPP Students, which allowed students to view and improve on standardized tests, bleneded learning and in-class achievements. With Impact Lab

Sustainable Systems

(With City of San Fransisco Planning Department and the Urban Center for Computation and Data) Modified and deployed the to help the City of SF reach their Sustianable Systems/EcoDistricts 2020 planning goals.

IL Budget Clock

(With ChiHackNight) Helped build, prototype and promote IL Budget Clock, counting up during the Illinois Budget Crisis. Was forked by the state of PA as well. [Open Source]

Bikeshare Predicton Project

Open source project to predict bikeshare station availability. Built for Divvy Bikes & Alta Bikeshare. Built scrapers, API, and managed historical database of bikeshare data.


Truckate (Chicago Booth New Venture Challenge Finalist) was a webapp that utilized onboard devices to allow online ordering and mapping for food trucks.


Hack For LA

Regular at Hack for LA, LA's civic tech community. Come say hello!


Helped organize and plan the first ever JuliaCon, at the Gleacher Center in Chicago.

Data & Donuts

The first ever Public Sector Breakfast Speaker series for Data Professionals, Data and Donuts is a collaborative effort between the City and County of Los Angeles to help our two organizations better serve angelenos. I help organize and select speakers, along with promoting the event.


Was a student organizer of the resident UChicago student hacker group. Ate a lot of pizza and cultivated a 500 person community that had a job board, regular hack nights and was core part of the college experience. As a History, major too.


Data Points Podcast

I was a guest on the John Hopkins Center for Government Excellence Podcast, Data Points. With Carter Hewgley and Rayid Ghani.

Los Angeles Early Earthquake Warning App

Article in RouteFifty about my team's work to help launch an open source earthquake early warning application.


Bias and Ethics in City Service Data Science

Panel at Bloomberg Data for Good Summit

Towards a Taxonomy of Government Data

Given at CSV Conf 2017. In this talk, I advance a taxonomy of potential ways to catagorize and use government data for practictioners.

Just-in-time: Changing student outcomes using Analytics and Machine Learning

Given at Do Good Data 2016. Talk Slides.

Student Data, for Students?

Given at Code for America. Slides.

Building Your First Data Pipeline

Workshop for PyData DC and PyData Chicago. This workshop lays out why you need a data pipeline and how build them using open source python libraries such as luigi and open data. Video.

Government Data: The Building Block

Given at the Talk Data to Me at General Assembly. This talk introduced new data scientists to the concepts of government maintained data and showed how we use it all, as residents, in our day to day lives.

Building Data Workflows

Given at the Hack@UChicago Learnathon. Github Repo.


I turn to Python and Javascript most often, with a smattering of Julia, Java/Scala, and C when I feel like it. I really like the idea of reproducible analysis and architectures, so I've gotten really good at various parts of the AWS suite. I can do other things, like cook. Recently, I've been experimenting with a blowtorch to make breakfast.