Hunter Owens

Visualizing Housing Data

20 Sep 2017

D3 represents the gold standard for embeddable data infographics, inclduing housing data. D3 would be a good way to tell this story and similar ones. One might also consider Mapbox or Leaflet or ESRI services to visualize the geographic components of the data. Finally, can be accessed using R, Python or Javascript and might fit your use case.

In terms of Wall Street Journal Guide to Information Graphics and Best American Infographics are great resources on how to think about visualizing data and telling a story. I can lend you my copy of either. For example, I really like Chicago’s Million Dollar blocks as a way of visualizing similar data about housing and incarceration using Leafet and D3. You can view the entire source code and data for the project online as well.

In terms of paid, GUI based software, there is Tableau and Microsoft Power BI, both of which produce embeddable data visualizations. You can also embed basic charts from Google Spreadsheets.